Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pop Fest New England Compilation

Well, all the limited copies are sold out, but I'll just tell you about this anyway. Skipping Stones Records put together a compilation CD to celebrate five years of their PopFest New England. Three Rub Wrongways Records artists are featured, and hey, looks who kicks off the whole two CD set!

Popfest! New England 5th Anniversary Suitcase Comp
Skipping Stones Records celebrates 5 years of Popfest! New England with a 2-CD boxset, in a limited edition of 50, each one lovingly made by hand and one-of-a-kind. Many tracks are rare, previously unreleased or recorded especially as a Popfest tribute. A full-color, 16 page booklet accompanies the CD, with pictures, memorabilia and reminiscences from bands and attendees.

*Disc 1*
The Fawns “Snow Day”
The Specific Heats “Sit and Cry”
Surefire Broadcast “Miles Apart”
The Up Set “I’m Not Pulling Your Leg”
The Consultants “Snow Fell” (Remaster)
The Icicles “Regret”
Colin Clary and the Magogs “Moped Rally”
Dyrdin “Popp & Co” (taschenrechner mix)
My Favorite “Badge” (ep version)
Pains of Being Pure at Heart “Doing All the Things That Wouldn’t Make Your Parents Proud”
St. Christopher “Burnout” (New Version)
Panda Riot “Streetlights and You and Me”
Secret Shine “Sound of Light”
The Metric Mile “Tell Me in a Taxi”

*Disc Two*
Silly Pillows “Come in the Evening”
eula – Bee Song
Lima Research Society “A Boy and His Genius”
The Inclined Plane “Elbow Job”
School for the Dead “Photobooth Curtain”
Palomar “Honestly”
Scary Monster “Phoebe Summersquash”
Bourgeois Heroes “Bavarian Baby”
Beauty Sleep “Cutout Stars in an Empty Bar” (acoustic version)
Brown Recluse Sings “Here We Go”
Math and Physics Club “Love Again” (acoustic version)
Dream Bitches “Mother’s Day”
One Happy Island “Temporary Tattoo”
The Lil’ Hospital “Saddest Things”
The Smittens “The Sad Obligatory Reprise”

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