Friday, October 30, 2009

The Campbell Apartment Needs Your Help

Our friends in The Campbell Apartment need your vote.

Ari Vais' band is The Campbell Apartment. You may recall that Ari, Tony, Brian, and I used to have a band called Humbert. Ari is now living in San Francisco and New York City and he's still knocking out one hit after another.

The Campbell Apartment made a wonderful video for their song "St. Louis" and it is in the running for some regular rotation on MTVu (That's the MTV station that is broadcast on college campuses all across the country. They actually play music videos on it.)

If their video gets more votes than this other video that they are up against, then they will be added to the regular rotation, which would be great, and justly deserved.

Go here to watch the video and cast your vote. When you are finished, vote again, and again, and again. It's silly, but that's the way the powers that be have set things up. So, if you have a few moments, please click the link and cast your vote (you don't have to sign in or anything).

It's a really good video and song anyway, so please enjoy it. We'll keep you updated on what happens. Thanks.

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