Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet The Salvation Alley String Band

The Salvation Alley String Band
Who is this new Rub Wrongways Records artist called The Salvation Alley String Band? That's them right there in that picture. Don't they look nice? They are.

There's Brandee, Matt, Matt, Andy, Ryan and Jason (left to right).  They are your new friends.

You can learn a lot about them by exploring their website right here: Salvation Alley Web Site. You'll learn a lot about other stuff too, particularly classic country music if you read Ryan Quinn's detailed posts. His obvious love for music comes through in that writing almost as much as it does on their debut album ""The Pioneer Valley Rose" and Other Favorites".

You can also keep up to the minute with them by following them on Twitter and by "liking" their official Facebook Band Page. I think you should do it.

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