Friday, August 5, 2011

Review of Bourgeois Heroes "Olé/Ola"

From the Valley Advocate - August 4, 2011
Bourgeois Heroes
(Rub Wrongways)
The CD Ol?/Hola was released, says Jason Bourgeois, "in conjunction with a seven-inch record," the au courant name for what used to be a single. The tune "Ole/Hola" is a bubbly slab of almost retro pop, ringing with Beatle-y echoes and synthesizer weirdness. The song is structured in a loopy fashion, its quite different parts coming back around several times, each jammed (to pleasingly strange effect) right up against the other. Very 1970s sounds show up in the groovy bits, while an intentionally disharmonious female vocal part keeps things interesting in between. The other tune, "When You're Dancing," is guitar-driven and unabashedly svelte. It's centered around the repetition of "You're beautiful when you're dancing," and you get the feeling Bourgeois is offering a perfectly heartfelt sentiment. This is solidly delivered and well-constructed pop. —James Heflin
You can listen to or purchase Olé/Ola here.

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