Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shindig! Review of Bourgeois Heroes.

Not since last year’s self-titled album by The Smiles And Frowns have I been so taken (nay, uncharacteristically smitten) with such a random bit of indie- pop. It’s often a dangerous thing letting me listen to this kind of stuff given my innate cynicism and failure to understand why anyone could be so happy they would feel the need to sing about it. Here though? Not the case. Despite having a catchy, if somewhat needlessly Beatles-influenced chorus, the quaint two-person She & Him thing with hints of Belle & Sebastian works. Both Jason Bourgeois and Elise Nacca play a bit of a blinder in all fairness with guitars less fuzzing, more fizzing between moments of genuine-bona-fidey-pleasant-niceties, before the dessert arrives with the needle drop on ‘When You’re Dancing’. A delectable indie release that I’m happy to go on record as saying I love? Yeah. I don’t know what just happened there either.     Richard S Jones (Shindig!)

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