Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Show: Jerry Garcia's 70th Birthday - Tribute

A celebration of what would have been Jerry Garcia's 70th birthday.
It's also a benefit for local musician, Kevin Smith. 

A night where several of the most beloved area musical figures (many of whom you wouldn't expect to be part of something like this) will each take a turn on stage to sing one Garcia (and, for the most part, Hunter)-penned song with the "house band". There are a lot of performers and only so much time, so this will insure that the night is long on songs, and short on jamming--after all, this is what the night is about: Garcia's often overlooked songwriting chops. Not to worry, things may well get weird, but we'll keep it interesting. This is a night for music lovers--not just Deadheads. Remember, Garcia loved the 3 minute pop song as much as the next guy.

Performers include:

Jim Armenti (Lonesome Brothers), Jason Bourgeois (Bourgeois Heroes, The Novels), Thane Thomsen (The Figments, Goldwater), Jason Johnson (National Carpet), Terry Flood (Drunk Stuntmen), Lesa Bezo (The Fawns), Zip Cody aka Scott Lawson Pomeroy (Orange Crush), Henning Ohlenbusch (School For the Dead, Aloha Steamtrain), Stephen Desaulniers (Scud Mt. Boys), Kevin O'Rourke (Lo Fine), Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion, Polaris, solo artist), Alex Johnson (Drunk Stuntmen), Katy Schneider (Katyland), Ray Mason (Ray Mason Band, Lonesome Brothers), Matt Silberstein (Flashbangs, Salvation Alley String Band) Scott Hall (Drunk Stuntmen), Dave Houghton (Fancy Trash), Ryan Quinn (Salvation Alley String Band) and Tony Westcott (School For the Dead, Humbert).

House Band:
Bruce Mandaro (Bruce Mandaro Band, The Knot): Guitar
Peter Sax (Mobius Band, Conjure Beat): Bass
Joshua Sitron (composer of some famous television show music!) : keyboards
Brian Marchese (here) : drums

Of the four of us, only Bruce has extensive experience playing these songs. The rest of us know and love Jerry G, but have spent our careers playing different stuff (indie pop, electronica, new wave, punk, children's music, ambient, alt country...). So together, we should get an interesting and fresh take on things.

And, doncha know, proceeds for this show will go to help with our musician brother Kevin Smith's enormous medical bills. Kevin's been undergoing treatment for cancer for a couple years now, and doing well enough that he's returned behind his drum kit, gigging and recording with his band National Carpet. However, a genetic heart defect (unrelated to the cancer) caused him to lose consciousness during a recent show--luckily his band mates and a medically-inclined fan or two were able to keep him alive while the paramedics were on their way. More time in the hospital, more tests and procedures, and more mounting bills. He's out and about now, but could use a bit of help in the bills department.

Come, do!

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