Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Exile On Center Street

Tomorrow night it's a Tribute To The Rolling Stones at The Iron Horse in Northampton. Each act will perform and original song and a Stones song. Here is a list of the performers:

5:30pm – doors open
7:00pm – The Amity Front
7:10pm – Chris Pureka
7:20pm – Rusty Belle
7:30pm – Henning Ohlenbusch
7:40pm – The Fawns
7:50pm – Jose Ayerve
8:00pm - The Novels
8:10pm – Ray Mason
8:20pm – Jim Armenti
8:30pm – The Grownup Noise
8:40pm – Frank Manzi
8:50pm – Sitting Next To Brian
9:00pm – Swill Merchants
9:10pm – Thane Thomsen
9:20pm – Matthew Hebert
9:30pm – Dave Houghton
9:40pm – The Dingle (ending with multiple Stones songs)

Tickets available here: Northampton Box Office

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