Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School for the Dead International

"Photobooth Curtain", for our album "The New You" was just featured on Indie Launchpad podcast #117, Best of 2008 Pt 1. You can listen to the podcast here: Indie Launchpad Podcast

You may recall that this Canadian site, Indie Launchpad, recently wrote a nice review of A Telephone Built For Two as well. Thank you, Indie Launchpad.

I, also, just found a new mention of A Telephone Built For Two out of Brazil. The website is: CoisaPop (Pop Thing) - Cultura Pop em geral para uma vida melhor (Pop culture in general for a better life).

You can read the review here: CoisaPop - A Telephone Built For Two. Of course, it is in Portuguese.

Here's the gnarly Google Translation:

"A Telephone Built For Two" - School for the Dead - 2008

Sunday. Day to recover the forces of the week, doing some work home and calm morning, and organize small (and important) nonsense that lag behind. To the soundtrack of the morning of Sunday, draws up a disc with pop melodies Jasons, humble and gentle. A good choice is the third work of the American School For The Dead, launched in 2008 called "The Telephone Built For Two".

The sound of the band is not bound to anything with your name, incidentally, is very distant. With two discs in his luggage, as follows: "The New You" 2004 and "Looks Like I'm Tall" of 2006, Henning Ohlenbusch (guitar and vocals), Tony Westcott (guitar and vocals), Max groaning (bass and voice ), Ken Maiuri (keyboards) and Max Germer (drums), the School For The Dead has the gift to go through the player quietly and let some smiles back.

The disc opens with the guitars of "Periscope", giving voice to the medium pace slow and characteristic of the band. "Feel Like I Should," could very well be on a disk of Yo La Tengo. Quietly. "This Time It Looks Good" starts as a song from Neil Young to endorse the indie pop in its place. "Save My Place", hit the chapel to catch a middle path post rock, similar to The Sea And Cake.

"Journal of Lies" is nosense and flirts with the more traditional American country music, a little reminiscent of the crazy Cake. "Back to School", has sweet melody, riff bacaninha of great guitar and backing vocals. "Boring Dream" is more roqueira and recalls the REM stage of 1984.1985. "Disgruntled Lover" is more a part of the country band, looking for any new departure from the old west saloon.

"Map" is a touch more with seventy American alternative rock of the 80s. "Superhero", brings the best letter of the disk and comes with dating back to the country, pointing out some passages of Hootie & The Blowfish. "Thinking of the Time" that closes "The Telephone Built For Two", with a marked influence of Velvet Underground, to a more traveled to the final.

The disc also includes the shares of Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion), Chris Collingwood (Fountains of Wayne) and Lloyd Cole, among others. The School For The Dead brings in his list of influences, the American rock underground in his side and more alternative, combining this with the current indie pop, producing a result that will not change anyone's life, but very well convinced that in a morning on Sunday.

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